Helping Americans Achieve Their Financial Goals

Since our inception, we have been striving to bring borrowers and investors together to transform the way Americans access credit. We always strive to build products and services that provide the best customer experience while helping our clients achieve their financial goals.

We create a win-win situation that favors both of us. If you are facing an emergency and your bank has declined to approve your loan request, we collaborate with you to find an ideal solution that works for both of us. We ensure there are no rollovers or debt traps.

Our primary goal is to ensure that our clients have easy access to credit when they need it most. In some cases, we don’t need good credit because we are here to help you create an easy path to it. Here is a quick summary of our loan products:

  • Home Loan
  • Car Loan
  • Business Loan
  • Property Loan
  • Education Loan

Don’t let lack of finances stop your dream of owning a home. We are here to help you find the home of your dreams with our affordable home loan. Whether you are buying or building, we’ll help you make sound decisions and finance the entire process.

Enjoy low-interest rates, flexible repayment terms, and fast access to borrowed funds. We are passionate about our clients and want to be your financial partner every step of the way. We assembled an award-winning team and cutting-edge technology to provide you with a smooth and seamless loan application process.

Are you shopping for a car, RV, or motorcycle? Apply for our low-cost car loan to get up to speed in no time. At Civic Egypt, we do much more than just financing. Our experts will be there to steer you through the car buying process and help you make informed decisions.

We want to help you become a car owner in the best possible way. We accept car loan applications from people with all credit types because we believe that your past financial mistakes shouldn’t stop you from owning a car. We are an online, direct-to-consumer lender only interested in your ability to repay the loan on time.

Apply for your car loan today and enjoy low-interest rates, free car purchasing advice, fast access to funds, and flexible repayment terms. We are here to serve you!

At Civic Egypt, we understand that small businesses are the lifeblood of our growing economy. That is why we offer entrepreneurs with the much-needed capital they require to start, acquire, and grow their businesses.

Our dedicated team of business capital experts ensures we adhere to industry-leading processes, which sets us apart from our competitors. We also ensure fair lending to all applicants regardless of where they run their business.

Our business loan products are designed to suit your individual needs. We understand the intricates behind different business industries and will always work with you to find the perfect loan product for your small business.

We make it easy to apply for a property loan online. We are experts in property lending, and our primary objective is to help you realize your dreams of being a property owner. We offer loans on traditional homes, home-sites, metal homes, condominiums, construction loans, and much more.

We guarantee competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms that won’t burden your monthly budget. Our online application process is easy to complete and offers same-day pre-approval for qualifying applicants.

The two things that set us apart from other lenders is our exceptional customer service and fast approval. So, whether you are buying, building, or refinancing your property, we have a flexible property loan product that is right for you.

Are you planning to join an institution of higher learning to upgrade your education but don’t have funds? We are here to help you. Our education loans have been specially designed to cater to student needs in the best possible way.

With us, you enjoy a simple application process, low-interest rates, and flexible repayment terms after school. Our loans are open to those studying any subject in college. Talk to us today and let us help you achieve your educational goals.

Our Process

We always strive to make things as easy as possible. That is why we have streamlined our loan application process. You can now apply for your loan in four simple steps:

Get Info Online

Fill out our online application form to initiate the application process. Every detail you need to complete the application is provided online.

Apply Loan Online

Once you have completed filling the online application form, submit it, and give us a few minutes to review it. Typically, we communicate the approval status within minutes!

Provide Details Online

Select the loan offer that suits your needs and submit your application. For instance, if you want to upgrade your education, be sure to apply for our flexible education loan.

Get Loan Immediately

If your loan application is approved, we embark on the process of depositing the funds into your bank account immediately. In most cases, you will access the funds on the next business day.

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