Egypt jails three belly dancers for ‘Immoral Videos’ Inciting debauchery, vice and Immorality to please the Salafis


Egyptian prosecutors ordered the detention of two belly dancers in what appeared to be a crackdown on raunchy videos in the conservative country.To please Islamists and Salafis. The women, who have been accused of inciting debauchery vice and immorality The Salafis are ruling the Morality Squad.

Reda El fouly Evidencethat got her one year in Jail
belly 2
Reda El Fouly
In June, another belly dancer, Reda al-Fouly, was sentenced to one year in jail on charges of “inciting debauchery,vice and immorality. ” when she appeared in a video talking about girls who like to be harassed in the Cairo metro

Two Egyptian belly dancers were sentenced to 15 days in prison pending investigations over charges of “inciting debauchery,” Youm7 reported.

belly 4 bardis
Bardis Belly Dancer_Egypt_Cairo Both dancers, Shakera, 28, and Bardis, 29, were arrested at two different night clubs after a number of lawyers had filed complaints that the two had produced sexually suggestive video clips and charged with“inciting debauchery,vice and immorality”

Evidence presented against Shakera
Under enquiries conducted by the Public Morality Department of the Ministry of Interior, both dancers did not introduce “an artistic act but debauched act.”

Bardis Evidence

A few hours after being arrested at Giza’s Agoza police station, both dancers confessed that they produced illegal video clips.

More Evidence against Shakera

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